BitCoin & BlockChain  - Robothlon'17

Robothlon'17 is a National level workshop series organized by Robosapiens Technologies in association with Rendezvous 2017 IIT Delhi. We are Robosapiens Technologies Pvt. Ltd. an IIT-Bombay alumni venture.

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The block chain is a shared public ledger on which the entire Bitcoin network relies. All confirmed transactions are included in the block chain. This way, Bitcoin wallets can calculate their spendable balance and new transactions can be verified to be spending bitcoins that are actually owned by the spender. The integrity and the chronological order of the block chain are enforced with cryptography.

The duration of this workshop will be 1 day, with 3 Sessions , 3 hours each, properly divided into theory and hand on practical sessions.

Certificate by Robothlon'17 in Association With Rendezvous 2017 IIT Delhi.

Day 1 (Session 1)

  • Overview
  • Definitions
  • In real Life, what is Blockchain? Storage, Server, Cloud or Tech?
  • Private vs Public Blockchain
  • Sample Transaction: How transaction gets executed & distributed?
  • Consensus: How conflicts are being resolved?
  • When to Use a Blockchain?
  • Security: Why Blockchain is More Secure

Day 1 (Session 2)

  • Attacks: How Blockchain Can be Hacked
  • Private Blockchain: Can I setup my Own Blockchain
  • Overview
  • Definitions
  • What is MultiChain?
  • Compatibility & Difference with Bitcoin Core
  • How to Create a Blockchain
  • How to Connect to a Blockchain

Day 1 (Session 3)

  • Commands in Interactive mode
  • Using Native Assets & Transaction Metadata
  • Working with MultiChain Streams
  • Round-robin mining: How to Enable Mining
  • MultiChain Explorer
  • MultiChain Web Demo

Project to be Covered

  • None

required Tools and accessories etc.