Programming with JAVA - Robothlon'19

Robothlon'19 is a National level workshop series organized by Robosapiens India in association with Rendezvous 2019 IIT Delhi. We are Robosapiens India Publications an IIT-Bombay alumni venture.

Project Description
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  • Course
  • Project
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This workshop mainly focuses on the students eager to learn Java from Basic. Java is one of the world's most important and widely used computer languages, and it has held this distinction for many years. Unlike some other computer languages whose influence has weared with passage of time, while Java's has grown. In this two days workshop we will cover all basic oops concept

The duration of this workshop will be 1 day , with 2 Sessions , properly divided into theory and hand on practical sessions.

Certificate by Robothlon'19 in Association With Rendezvous 2019 IIT Delhi.

Session 1

Introduction to Basic JAVA
  • Features of JAVA
  • JVM, JRE, JDK.
  • Internal detail of JVM.
Java Fundamentals
  • Data types
  • Operators.
  • Control Statements
  • Operators.
  • Loop statements.
  • Arrays
  • String.
  • Enumerated types.
Essentials of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Object and Class Definition.
  • Inheritance.
  • Class Fundamentals.
  • Constructor.
  • Method Overloading.
  • Method Overriding.
  • Static Members.
  • Understanding Interface.
  • Using Interfaces class.
  • Why packages.
  • Creating packages.
  • Understanding Class path.
  • Access modifiers and their Scope.

Session 2

Exception Handling
  • Importance of Exception Handling.
  • Exception Propagation.
  • Exception Types.
  • Using try and catch.
  • throw, throws, finally.
  • Writing User defined Exceptions.
I/O Operations in Java
  • Byte Oriented Streams.
  • File Handling.
  • Readers and Writers.
Multithreaded Programming
  • Introduction to Multi-Threading.
  • Understanding Threads and its States.
  • Java Threading Model.
  • Thread class and Runnable Interface.
  • Thread Priorities.
  • Thread Synchronization.
  • Preventing Deadlocks.
  • Preventing Deadlocks.
Network Programming
  • Introduction to Networking.
  • InetAddress.
  • TCP Socket and ServerSocket.
  • UDP Socket.

Project to be Covered

  • Developing a Chat Application using UDP.
  • Developing a Chat Application using TCP.

free software toolkit to all participants.