Robothlon'19 - National Workshop Series during
Rendezvous @IIT Delhi


We invite all the participants to Robothlon 2019, which is going to be held at Rendezvous IIT Delhi.

Robothlon 2019 is a national level workshop series organized by Robosapiens India in association with Rendezvous'19 IIT Delhi. We are Robosapiens India Publications an IIT-Bombay alumni venture. It gives us great pleasure to introduce Robothlon 2019. We are organizing various career oriented training programs & projects at selective engineering colleges/universities/Schools in pan India. Robosapiens India Publications is a Company providing state-of-the-art Education in the field of Robotics.

This highly competitive world of today demands that students not only learn but transform ideas into reality. Thus, it's mandatory to impart practical knowledge apart from academics to the visionaries of tomorrow in their formative years. Not only Young minds but all get fascinated by Robots like ASIMO, Kismet, iRobot etc. Embedded System & Robotics is one such integrated field catering to all these needs. Robotics not only helps to convert conceptions into real-life structures and designs but fosters the spirit of development, creativity and innovation. It may also act as hobby and stress busters to individuals. With the introduction of several new events, and old ones remodeled, Robothlon 2019 is all set to create a new benchmark.

This year also we are organizing Robothlon 2019 an International Level Robotics Championship in association with our official partner Robotics Partner Robosapiens India Publications.